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Telemedicine | Virtual Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine is being implemented with virtual healthcare delivery systems.  Virtual delivery systems represent next-generation automation care.  Allowing people to access a physician via Zoom has been a boon to healthcare delivery during the pandemic.  The ability to see a physician virtually is expected to have a lasting impact, increasing the telemedicine markets.

The fact that physical healthcare facilities can be sources of contagion during the pandemic means many groups focused their attention on new models of care that avoid physical contact between clinician and patient.  For clinicians who are self-isolating or under quarantine, video consultation allows them to continue treating patients.

By leveraging a virtual healthcare delivery care plan automation platform, healthcare teams are able to monitor patients at home and automatically receive regular updates on the patients' symptoms.  An auto-updated triage dashboard helps the care team prioritize patients so that the nurses can focus their time on the neediest cases.

Telemedicine / Virtual Healthcare Delivery

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