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Pulse Oximeter Market

Pulse oximeters are a significant diagnostic tool, providing oxygen availability vital signs information.  Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as pulse oximeters prove value by providing vital signs monitoring and apnea detection during sleep.  


Pulse oximetry, measuring vital signs: market shares, market strategies, and market forecasts, 2021 to 2027.  Pulse oximeters save lives.  “More often than not, these older pneumonia patients wound up on ventilators.  This is almost always a bad outcome.  In New York City, an astronomical of patients who required a ventilator at the height of this pandemic died, according to city and state officials.  The death rate among patients not requiring a ventilator was relatively low.   The incidence of blood clots and renal failure in patients on ventilators is significantly greater than in patients who were less sick and did not need a ventilator.


This data does not mean that the ventilator machines themselves are killing people, just that by the time those patients are being hooked up to ventilators, they are already in dire condition.  In an effort to identify patients with Covid-19 pneumonia earlier so that they can be treated before requiring a ventilator a universally available, pulse oximeters provide a quick and remarkably effective tool to detect the attack on the lungs caused by Covid-19 pneumonia .

Pulse Oximeter Market Reports (WGR)

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