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Precision Strain Wave Reducer Gearboxes

Precision gearbox strain wave gears & actuators used in robots for manufacturing, NASA, and for aerospace.  The Precision Gearbox is used in situations where smooth, efficient gear operation is needed. Initial applications are in robotics, aerospace and solar tracking, the materials used in these applications can wear and break if the gearing in a motor is rough. Harmonic gear vendors offer a unique gear tooth profile that optimizes the tooth engagement. This tooth profile (the “S tooth”) enables up to 30% of the total number of teeth to be engaged simultaneously. A large tooth root radius increases the tooth strength compared with involute tooth structure. This technology offers high torque, high torsional stiffness, long life and smooth rotation. Harmonic linear actuators deliver both high force and outstanding positional accuracy. These actuators provide linear forces from 49N to 12,000N.

Precision Strain Wave Reducer Gearboxes

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