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Mainframe Cloud Transaction Management ROI

All cloud environments need to transfer their transaction workload to mainframes.  Specialty engines are designed to lower overall total cost of mainframe computing for data and transaction processing workloads.  The specialty engines work for many different types of applications including SOA, business intelligence (BI), ERP, Java, XML, and CRM workloads.  They work for select network encryption workloads on systems z.  IBM software offerings that can exploit IBM zIIPs applications and software are effective in creating a way for all transaction workloads to run on the mainframe. 

The WGR WinterGreen ROI tool can be used by any large organization to analyze workload and determine what workload is transaction-based, and more efficiently moved to the mainframe.

The market research WGR ROI provides insight into market driving forces, assessment of market opportunities, market share analysis, and market forecasts.

Mainframe Cloud Transaction Management ROI

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