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Hospitalized patients, can be managed at home with hospital services for critically ill people. These services are specially tuned to those with caregivers at home or close by. Nursing homes failed to save lives during the pandemic. Home is where people want to be.  The report offers forecasts, market share, market segments, and strategies for success.


Key factors driving this market include shifts in patient populations.  The strong growth of Hospital-at-Home markets comes as hospitals struggle to find enough beds for patients.  Acquisitions have been completed, that avenue of growth in facilities is saturated, and building more space is too expensive.  Hospitals need to free beds for the highest paying procedures and moving less demanding patients to the home is most feasible.


During the pandemic, many, many patients in nursing homes died, so the placement of patients in those types of facilities has become a less desirable treatment modality than it was previously. 


Patients like to be at home and family/caregivers often can help, patients can give childcare even as they are cared for, helping in the home.


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