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EVs, Solid State Batteries, and SIlicon Carbide

EV markets are positioned to become the engine of the world economy.  Electric vehicles promise to dominate the transportation sector going forward.  Solid-state batteries are becoming feasible with manufacturing production lines.

Silicon carbide can switch at nearly ten times the rate of silicon, which results in smaller control circuitry. Additionally, the decrease in resistance results in less energy loss during operation, making silicon carbide nearly ten times more efficient at higher voltages than silicon.


All these are detailed in the reports comprising the EV subscription.  EV changes the world economies in fundamental ways, creating a huge economic boom.  Everyone needs an EV all at once.  This is an exciting new market.  The sample describes the reports available in the subscription.


Electric vehicles promise to dominate the transportation sector. New solid-state batteries allow for up to three times the driving range. These new battery chemistries and designs prevent overheating, are immune to catastrophic failure, and can be incorporated into the structure of a vehicle to improve strength,

The description of reports available in the subscription is described in the sample. 

Silicon Carbide Report

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