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Drone Launchers

Drone launchers have achieved significant growth as the drone market increases.   The need for launchers that do not use an airfield to get the aircraft airborne has led to significant innovation.  Launchers provide a way to automate surveillance of wide areas and implement strategic military missions that strike at terrorists without injuring civilians.  Launchers for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are portable devices that support remote placement of ways to launch self-piloted aircraft.  These drone UAS aircraft can carry cameras, sensors, communications equipment or other payloads.  UAVs are smaller than manned aircraft.  They are cost-effectively stored and transported creating the need for portable launchers. The UAS do not need an airfield to take off, creating significant UAVs make significant contributions to the fighting capability of operational war forces. Launchers are core to drone implementation. The variety of launchers is stunning, but the list of market participants is bound to get shorter as some systems prove themselves superior in the field. The designs developed by engineering staff are strong, sturdy, and capable of operating in the most severe environmental conditions. Modular designs create the capacity for interchangeable functions on the same launcher. Modular systems support component replacement instead of complete overhaul.

Drone Launchers

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