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Cloud Transaction Management ROI

The cloud transaction process is best done on a mainframe from IBM.  The mainframe excels at managing transaction processing efficiently.  Mainframes handle 90 percent of all credit card transactions worldwide.  Mainframes handle 81 percent of the world’s transaction workloads, yet they account for only 6 percent of IT costs.   All other database and web processing is better suited to cloud computing environments.   Managing transactions is the premier task of a mainframe and all transaction processing done on the cloud or in enterprise IT needs to move to the mainframe.  The WGR WinterGreen ROI tool can be used by any large organization to analyze workload and determine what workload is transaction-based, and more efficiently moved to the mainframe.

The market research WGR ROI provides insight into market driving forces, assessment of market opportunities, market share analysis, and market forecasts.

Cloud Transaction Management ROI

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