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Canned Oxygen Market

Canned oxygen is anticipated to have a rapid growth of 91.3% CAGR through 2029.   Pure athleticism drains energy, athletes use pure oxygen energy boost to recover after a sprint. Have you ever watched a football player head to the bench, and take a squirt of oxygen to recover after a sprint? I have.


A canned oxygen solution is used to refresh energy. Chronic fatigue and long-term covid in people can likewise drain people's energy after exercise and those people can get refreshed by using canned oxygen to achieve useful short bursts of energy.  Canned oxygen is evolving a place in the culture alongside soft drinks, a can of beer, and a popsicle.  The root cause of fatigue comes from diminished oxygen transfer from the heart to the lungs.  Intense exercise will constrict the arteries and veins that run in and between the heart and lungs, causing a drop in oxygen transfer and consequent lack of oxygen in the heart and to the organs.


Canned Oxygen is poised to develop large markets.  Use by athletes to recover from strenuous exercise has been proven effective.  Think of the football players.  After they sprint in a difficult play the football players come back to the bench, take a squirt of canned oxygen, and recover quickly enough to perform at skill level for the next play. 


Canned Oxygen Market

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