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Youth Team, League, and Tournament Community Development

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

“It started with software” that enabled teams to organize and collect money, said Susan Eustis, WinterGreen’s president. And then, she said, “schools started defunding their sports.” This is from a New York Times article on youth sports, quoting Susan Eustis.

Nationwide, poor children and adolescents are participating far less in sports and fitness activities than their more affluent peers.

At risk youth are both much easier to reach and more successfully accessed through interventions that include youth sports than later after problems arise. Additionally, at-risk youths that have been reached by first responders prior to altercations are much more amenable to intervention by familiar first responders

It is much cheaper to provide fields and coaching to at-risk youth than to provide prisons, courts, and substance abuse programs later in life and the toll on society is also much larger in its effects

A vast resource for personnel to run youth programs is first responders and allocating a small portion of first responder budgets can have tremendous benefits in the community and can have tremendous benefits for underserved youth. DO more for kids as they grow, doing positive mentoring can have lifelong benefits, ultimately reducing the need for first responders.

Youth Team, League, and Tournament Community Development

Community development represents the next phase of youth sports evolution into a viable market. The facilities attract people from all parts of the community, the youth games are fun to watch and free. Youth like to be watched by extended family and neighbors as the youth participate in well-coached team play.

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