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WMPC Policy By The People

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The Western Massachusetts Policy Center (WMPC) grassroots, antiracist think tank seeks to educate and train people in the community. Resources are dedicated to implementing public policy designed to support historically excluded people. The effort is to mobilize communities in the region to eliminate prejudice. Black people, women, and children are all at risk of exclusion from various resources.

The think tank organization has adopted a transparent, collaborative, and holistic approach to solving problems at their root. The Western Massachusetts Policy Center represents a new model of grassroots, anti-racist think tank, centered on practical training, education, and direct resourcing. The aim is to appeal to those historically or routinely excluded from power and influence

The organization is focused on creating and deploying policy by and for those who have been negatively affected by broken and oppressive systems. It is not for existing experts and those already in power. The aim is to design a policy that protects people over systems and provide root-problem solutions that transcend politics.

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