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Oxygen to Support Patients with Long Term Covid and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Oxygen is the best treatment for fatigue, after sufficient sleep. Oxygen from exercise is not enough, witness how the football players want extra oxygen after a difficult spring. The players sit on the bench, pick up an oxygen mask and breathe oxygen until they feel better and can go out on the field for the next play that involves them.

A virus, including Covid, has been shown to damage the e]veins and arteries that run between the heart and lungs. The proof is during an invasive cardiac test iCPET which looks at the vascular ability to carry oxygen from inside the body during an invasive stress test. This test has finally proven that people with chronic fatigue syndrome are really sick and have been able to release disability funds.

Before the existence of the test, people with chronic fatigue complaints were just dismissed by physicians as being chronic complainers. Now we know that the lack of oxygen to the heart and organs is the cause of fatigue and that oxygen helps. Buy our study to get the details on the market opportunity for oxygen:

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