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Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Robotic tractors are positioned to help agriculture to be more precise, more efficient, and more productive. The use of many small tractors will help the soil base, creating less impact on compaction. Agricultural efficiency improvement is impactful to humanity, changing the size of the population, quality of life, and making a better future.

Agricultural self-driving features for tractors are the beginning of a full rollout of robot technologies. Self-driving features in place depend on having a human control the tractors initially. This is the first step in building fully autonomous tractors. One of the main objections to completely trusting self-driving tractors seems to be the fear of potential accidents. When the vehicles are running unattended there are often obstacles encountered that may cause problems, raising the specter of ruining the tractor.

Self-driving tractors require a human to monitor performance and speed. Innovations in the farm equipment field are moving in the direction of allowing complete remote control of these vehicles. The result promises to be a major increase in productivity for growers with large-scale farming operations.

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