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Lithium Ion Batteries with Telemetry

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Flux Power Lithium Battery

Figure 1. Flux Power Battery

Clean energy storage provides the path to cleaning up the environment. Burning is bad, it creates soot and air pollution that is bad for people and bad for the atmosphere creating global warming and air pollution that we do not need in our bodies. Breath in, breath out, a lithium-ion battery supports change.

A lithium-ion battery from Flux Power is useful for material handling equipment, forklifts, and airport ground support equipment. Airport ground support equipment (GSE) providers use Flux Power batteries because the proprietary Battery Management System permits superior management of time to discharge which is critical when keeping the planes flying on time.

Flux Power lithium-ion batteries are used for solar energy storage and support the renewable energy movement by providing a dependable source of electricity. Flux Power lithium-ion batteries are useful in many commercial applications including high power electronics applications.

Flux Power lithium-ion battery packs include proprietary battery management system telemetry. This represents a revolution in power management, opening the potential for many new markets. Lithium batteries provide customers with a better performing, lower cost of ownership over traditional power sources.

All in all the highest value from the lithium battery comes from the ability to achieve a more environmentally friendly alternative energy source. The batteries are being used to replace traditional lead acid and propane-based energy sources. A fleet can experience runtime increases of up tp 50% over lead-acid batteries. Data on the benefits of lithium-ion include descriptions of the following:

Opportunity charging for better warehouse productivity

No required battery maintenance

Longer run-times, less downtime, and up to 50% reduction in energy use

Flux Power lithium-ion batteries provide a proven, more efficient solution for fleets. A Flux Power lithium-ion battery can revolutionize a fleet or logistics business.

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