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Energy Industry Consensus that Electric EV Vehicles Will Soon Replace Gas-powered EV Vehicles

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Solid State Batteries: Solid state battery markets at $810 million in 2021are expected to reach $466 billion by 2028. The automotive markets are driven primarily by adoption in the EV. Solid-state battery markets occur when vehicle companies build out systems that enable the shift to new technologies. As they build new factories, they are implementing solid state battery capability to help reduce labor costs in manufacturing, permit faster charging, driving longer on a single charge, and generally improving the efficiency of driving an EV. Energy storage is a big part of the market. EVs need to be charged and recharged from excess renewable energy generated from wind and solar. There is an energy industry consensus that electric EV Vehicles will replace gas powered EV Vehicles in the very near future Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. is leading the pack in the development of a hybrid-solid-state battery. With more than 1,000 battery-related patents, Toyota has implemented a prototype EV equipped with hybrid solid-state battery technology. Sumitomo Electric Industries has developed an all-solid-state lithium battery using a sulfide thin-film electrolyte as its separator for the powder composite electrode. Sumitomo Electric Industries battery maintained its performance during 500 cycles of charging and discharging. The prototype all-solid battery has a new structure. An all-solid lithium-ion secondary battery consists of a sulfide-based thin film electrolyte and pellet-type electrodes. The safety of lithium-ion batteries is significantly increased by replacing the electrolyte solutions with flame-retardant solid electrolytes. This battery has high performance characterized by a high discharge rate and excellent high-temperature cycle property. The battery showed a discharge capability of 10 C for one minute and capacity maintenance rates of 90% after 1500 cycles at 60˚C, 90% after 500 cycles at 80˚C, and 70% after 500 cycles at 150˚C. The thin film electrolyte has improved both the discharge rate and high-temperature cycle performance. This battery has a high thermal stability from room temperature to 360˚C (3) and operates with Li2S-P2S5 sulfide solid electrolytes that have a high Solid-State conductivity of at least 1×10-3 S/cm at room temperature. The all-solid battery using no organic electrolyte solution has problems as follows: Solid-State Battery Market Driving Forces Solid-state batteries (ASSB) replace the liquid electrolyte in a conventional lithium-ion battery with a highly stable solid ion-conducting material. The need to store the energy generated by solar and wind energy is the driving force for implementing solid-state batteries. Lithium-ion batteries use combustible organic electrolyte solutions, have ignition and explosion risks. Figure 1. Renewable Energy Storage Metrics

Source: Ford Motor Company. To address this ignition and explosion risk problem, efforts are underway to significantly increase the safety of lithium-ion batteries by replacing the electrolyte solutions with flame-retardant electrolytes. The all-solid lithium secondary battery is receiving particular attention as a next-generation rechargeable battery, Figure 2. Automotive Company Hybrid Solid-State Battery Market Driving Forces Compete in EV market with units better than conventional lithium-ion battery Implement highly scalable EV battery manufacturing process Implement EV battery manufacturing process with highly stable conducting material Store the energy generated by solar and wind energy Implement systemic home base storage systems Replace combustible organic electrolyte solutions Decrease spontaneous ignition and explosion risks Replace the electrolyte solutions with flame-retardant electrolytes A next-generation rechargeable battery Source: WinterGreen Research, Inc. Figure 3. Selected Solid-State Battery Major Market Participants


Amperex Technology Ltd. (CATL)

CATL Initial Public Offering in Shenzhen

Amprius Technologies Corporate Headquarters in Fremont, California







BOAO Navigator Battery Holding


Bolloré Group Revenue

Bolloré BlueCar

Autolib Blue Solutions

Blue Solutions Solid State Battery Development

Solid State Battery Production Capacity

Autolib Red Car Solutions

Bollore Energy Storage Ringo Project by RTE




California Energy Commission


Dyson / Sakti3


EV Battery Equivalent of a Gas Tank. Provides the Vehicle Powertrain

Replace Cars That Run on Fossil Fuels with EVs

Extreme Fast Charging Technology Changes Everything


Factorial Energy

Factorial’s new Solid-State EV Battery


FREYR Battery

Alussa Energy


Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp.

Front Edge Technology

Front Edge Technology Technical Information

General Motors Collaborating with LG Energy Solution on Solid State Batteries

GM Ultium Lithium-Ion Battery




Ion Storage Systems


Ionic Materials Liquid Crystal Polymer


Johnson Battery Technologies





Mitsui Kinzoku

Mobis Energy

Mullen Automotive



Northvolt / Cuberg


Panasonic Leader in Lithium-Ion Battery Market by Virtue of Its Position as A Supplier to Tesla



PolyPlus Battery Company Joint Development Agreements, One with SK Innovation Co. Ltd.


ProLogium and Mercedes-Benz Technology Cooperation Agreement to Develop Solid-State Battery Cells for Electric Vehicles

ProLogium and Mercedes-Benz Agreed on Milestones

Softbank Backs ProLogium

ProLogium Major Product Pipelines

ProLogium Production Capacity Able to Meet Demand for Solid-State Batteries


Riverstone Holdings’ Decarbonization Plus Acquisition Corporation III


Total / Saft



SK Innovation

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric Positions to Implement Electrification of Society At Large


Sila Nanotechnologies and Enivate

Sion Power

Sion Power Chemically Stable Ceramic Barriers

SK Innovation

SolidEnergy Systems

Solid Powe

Solid Power Technology

Solid Power Teaming with Ford and BMW

Samsung and Hyundai / Solid Power

Stanford TomKat Center

Sumitomo Electric Industries



Tesla Canada Industrial Research Chair, Dalhousie University

Thermo Scientific

Thermo Scientific Medical Spectrometers

Total Energies / Saft


US Department of Energy

US Military

LG / University of California at San Diego

LG Silicon Anodes

Silicon As an Anode to Replace Graphite

University of Illinois at Urbana

University of Texas All-Solid-State Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

Volkswagen Group

Wildcat Discovery Technologies

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