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Elections and Voting

Updated: Jun 9

To be really clear, the independent state legislature doctrine eliminates voting. The ISLD can be used to nullify the popular vote for president. According to Wilson Huhn, "The newest threat to democracy is the “independent state legislature doctrine,” an interpretation of the Constitution that would grant state legislatures the power to impose gerrymandering on elections for the state legislature or for Congress and could even be used to nullify the popular vote in presidential elections regardless of anything to the contrary in state laws or the state constitutions; that is, it would allow the state legislature to operate independently of the state courts and the state constitution." Wilson is a Distinguished Professor of Constitutional law. Huhn's book The Five Types of Legal Argument (Carolina Academic Press, 2002, 2008, 2014) is required reading at a number of law schools nationally.

As Wilson says, the ISLD "could even be used to nullify the popular vote in presidential elections." The use of voting machines then becomes obsolete for the presidential elections in the US.

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