Economic Windfall from Electric Vehicles

Strong Growth of the US and World GDP is in the immediate offing. Just electric vehicle implementation is anticipated to add $114 trillion to the global economy by 2028. The growth that comes from replacing the entire installed base of gas-driven vehicles is a once-in-a-lifetime event, providing an enormous boost to the global economy.

Beyond this, addressing climate change is the greatest economic opportunity of our time. Electric vehicle implementation will go a long way to improve the damage to the climate and reduce global warming. The transition to electric vehicles windfall for the global economy is part of a global transition to green energy. This transition will require an additional $150 trillion investment over the next three decades.

As world economic leaders meet, many of the conversations in Glasgow and other places, focus on the way public resources can be tailored to fund climate change energy mitigation. Adaptation activities are poised to let wealthier counties assist more challenged countries in responding to climate change. The United States is stepping up.

Many industries driven by AI, robotics, medical equipment, technology, and solid-state battery energy storage implementation will each achieve trillions of dollars in total growth as the 4th industrial revolution is implemented. One enormous shift comes as the economic structure shifts to central bank digital currency.

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