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Buffett Rule Advocacy Group

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The Billionaires Fair Share and Special Needs Research, Advocacy, and Funding Initiative

Come-on guys, come-on you billionaires, do you want to experience life while paying your fair share? Your families, those children will look up to you if you pay your fair share. We understand that you do not want to line the pockets of corrupt politicians, but there are legal ways to contribute to effective government and you need to think of them and put your shoulders behind them. You need to help the special needs people.

Think about the foundations, is there not a way to use them to creatively contribute to the general tax revenue collection so that the billionaires are paying their fair share. You guys are smart, you figured out how to build large companies, can you not figure out how to get the foundations to generate real tax payments that help pay for real government services that are needed?

In a democracy, the politicians think about what works for the people, think about what services will most benefit the capitalistic system that has been so successful: infrastructure, education, research, healthcare, military, the government. These services are there to benefit everyone when they are funded. The billionaires cannot effectively decide what should be funded, that is the job of the elected representatives who keep an ear to the people, an ear to the needs of the disadvantaged and special needs groups as well as the industrial funding needed. The billionaires need to find a way to participate in the government that is led by elected representatives, in a productive manner rather than ducking behind entitlements.

Elected representative have the pulse of the electoral base. They know what the people want collectively. The billionaires do not know that. Pure and simple.

Buffett Rule Advocacy Group

Buffett Rule Advocacy Group has the mantra. We have the invective: “Pony up you billionaires, think creatively about how to pay your fair share of the expenses of all the government.” One way is to garner adherence to the Buffett Rule. This is a Buffett Rule Advocacy group, is a special interest group dedicated to using various forms research into effective advocacy in order to influence public opinion and ultimately policy so the billionaires pay their fair share of the tax revenue.

The billionaires play an important role in the development of political and social systems but they can do more. The Buffett Rule is named after American investor Warren Buffett, who publicly stated in early 2011 that he believed it was wrong that rich people, like himself, could pay less in federal taxes, as a portion of income, than the middle class, and voiced support for increased income taxes on the wealthy.

We hereby initiate a call to Warren Buffett to put an effort into getting behind an initiative that is effective in getting the billionaires to pay their fair share of taxes. We would welcome him to join this initiative.

Fair Elections Need to Be Funded

Fair elections need to be funded. WinterGreen Research has an initiative to push for development of step-by-step election procedure manuals for each local election system, for use by election officials and poll workers from opposing parties at every poll site. In our democracy we do not have an authoritarian system, rule by one person, we have diversity, representation by opposing parties that share power, with the balance of power shifting from time to time, depending on who the people vote for.

Billionaires note: this is different from a company where we have a Board of Directors and a CEO who has a lot of power.

In our democracy, we have a balance of power shared between the courts, the representatives, and the executive branch. And the states have their own set of power. We have freedom of the press and integrity of the press.

As for election procedures, we look for certifications, signed by each poll worker, all poll workers, representatives in every case from opposing parties, and the certificates are stored in an immutable blockchain to protect the integrity of the signed certificates from each poll site.

The step-by-step procedure manuals need to be short, 3 to 6 pages, comprehensive, separate documents for each type of voting system, and cover the entire election – Before Polls Open, During Voting Hours, and after the polls close.

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