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Brain Fog Alleviated With Oxygen

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Brain Fog Alleviated With Oxygen Brain fog is alleviated with oxygen. An oxygen chamber can help increase the quantity of oxygen going to the brain. Oxygen gives the brain more nutrients that improve functioning. It is becoming accepted practice to use a hyperbaric chamber for brain fog. In a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the pressure inside is elevated three times higher than atmospheric pressure. This means that oxygen is being delivered at a higher rate to all organs. Oxygen is filled with molecules and nutrients. Increasing the amount of oxygen helps repair the tissues in the brain that have been missing out because of vascular contraction during exercise. Brain fog is alleviated with oxygen because the organs need oxygen to function. The Vascular deterioration between the heart and lungs is the cause of long-term covid. The oxygen, gathered so well by the lungs, cannot get to the heart and other organs during exercise because of constriction in the blood vessels that is only present during exercise. That constriction is so painful because it prevents the oxygen from getting to where it has to go.

Vascular deterioration between the heart and lungs is not a factor in the body unless a person is moving and needs more energy. A person doing a stress test may have a normal heart, and a normal heartbeat, but the heart and brain still are not getting enough oxygen. Hence, the evolution of new types of medical diagnostic procedures, ones that look inside the body and gather measurements during exercise. iCPET is one example of a test that shows things other tests do not. An invasive test that gathers metrics from the basic metabolic panel as a person is doing a stress test shows more than the static tests of medicine currently in vogue. iCPET has been able to provide a definitive diagnosis for chronic fatigue syndrome patients, a feat not hitherto possible. Now, chronic fatigue patients qualify for disability insurance.

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