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Voting machines are used worldwide to facilitate democratic processes.  Many systems in use now are paper ballot scanners that are nearing end-of-life due to perceived problems in the US 2020 presidential election.  Smartphone systems are poised to replace existing systems.

Voting machines including smartphone voting services represent next-generation automation of getting people to register selection of people able to perform governance, a market that reaches $8 billion dollars in 2026.

Democracy is growing.  People all over the world have discovered they can have an impact on governance by holding democratic elections every few years.    Democracy as a business leverages the equipment necessary for running elections.  Voter registration devices are core to election systems.  Marking devices, mobile voting devices, apps, prevention of election fraud, prevention of voting machine hacking, support for voting remotely, marking devices for voters, ID management devices, and tabulation equipment that counts votes accurately are used to run an election.

The market research study provides insight into market driving forces, assessment of market opportunities, market share analysis, and market forecasts.

Voting Machine Markets

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