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Mid-IR Sensors | Photovoltaic Detectors

3-D sensors are used in every industry.  Semi-autonomous driving assistance systems, include steering and lane control assistant, leveraging mid-IR sensors.  Traffic jam assistant makes daily driving easier.  Users can brake automatically, accelerate and rely on take over steering.
The mid-IR sensor auto remote-controlled parking function makes it possible to pull into tight spots without a driver. Drivers get more freedom to be protected while driving, using cameras and sensors to provide safer driving management.

Features from Mid-IR Sensors to Support Automation of Vehicles
Auto steering
Lane-keeping assistance
Remote-controlled parking
Partly Automated Driving
Driver assistance system
Personal driver assistance systems
Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go function
Independent adjustment of the distance to the car in front
Collision warning
Pedestrian warning
City Brake Activation, which prevents collisions via automatic braking

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Mid IR Sensors

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