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AI Processing Control

AI platforms support scalable machine learning and deep learning model design.  The controls for these platforms are still emerging, designs that stop iterative connection processes from sometimes being simply wrong are still emerging.  AI platform controls support development, deployment, and management of API designs that promote accuracy of communication. 

  • 1.   AI Platforms Functions

Support secure API development

Support API deployment that checks against AI natural language errors

Support API error checking management

Lower the cost of enterprise software development by implementing micro-code

Minimize software mistakes

Support specific data manipulation API protections

Provide management for different use cases

Support API controls deployment for different use cases

Configure API controls based on the form of content that AI technology produces:

Visual API controls

Audio API controls

Text API controls

Code API controls

Source:  WinterGreen Research, Inc.


Google erased $100 billion in value from parent company Alphabet with one bad answer in its AI Chat during a demonstration video.  AI processing controls over APIs are a bigger market than the ChatGPT AI markets.  

AI Processing Control

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