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Youth Sports Brings Community

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Youth Sports Brings Community because the games are fun and there is no stress, just play. What is important, what youth sports let you do, is to choose the fun parts of the day, to enjoy what is there to enjoy.

4 baseball games in one day for the same kid, at opposite ends of the city and 7 perfect innings. 7 perfect innings pitched; he may not do that again in his whole life. How wonderful it was, no TV cameras, no interviewers, not even any congratulations, just kids playing baseball morning to night. We left at 6 AM and got home at 9 PM, played and played and played. This is how it is supposed to be growing up, just having fun.

The day was a bright – early June. A couple of parents came over to say it was good John pitched in the second playoff game a shutout inning, a perfect inning, 3 up, and 3 down, to end the game, quite an accomplishment they said.

Then, after the 4th game of the day, John got in the car and said grandma, in this last game, I pitched 6 shutout innings with just 50 pitches all day, from the 2nd game and the 4th game. “I got the batters in an average of less than 2 pitches per player being up.”

Source: WinterGreen Research, Inc

John was satisfied to have pitched and won the game. He is not a star, he did not start the game as a pitcher, someone else did, but after that kid let off 6 runs, the coach got tired of that pitcher and put John in. John had to pitch to a kid that was in the middle of batting, had 2 balls, and threatened to be walked. Youth sports is about ‘learning what you can do on your own. It’s about the families barbecuing, together, it’s about sitting on the lawn chairs together and watching kids play, chatting with your friends.

Here is John on the way home from a different game: ”Tired but happy”, with the new puppy, his puppy. Youth sports are for everyone. John lost almost all the hockey and baseball games he played this season, but he kept trying, he kept enjoying the playing of the sports. This is the stuff of life, learning to keep trying, keep at it, to enjoy what is in front of you, to enjoy your teammates, and to persist. This is the reason youth sports markets are growing – they build character in kids, they are fun, and they build a community for all.

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