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Protecting Democracy

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

The things we need to do to protect the democracy in the US:

Ensure that every poll worker and election official sign a certificate that the documented procedures were followed;

Create the documented step by step procedures;

Store the certificates.

Democracy needs to be embraced and treasured as a way for people to celebrate their humanity, their community, and their integrity. The practice that has evolved of people volunteering to work in the polling place to collect and count votes has been effective for hundreds of years. Qualities of an election system that stand out as core protectors of the system of government called democracy include:

1. A local system of voting where the poll site and local election district implement the pre-election and the election day procedures as specified by law in every state

2. Voting for representatives of government positions at every level of government in a manner that is fair for everyone.

3. Support for secure in person voting.

4. Use of mail in ballots as needed.

5. Step-by-step procedure manuals for before polls open, during voting hours, and after polls close.

6. Step-by-step procedure manuals individual for each locality, each state, each vendor voting system.

7. Observation of every step of the election process by representatives of opposing parties with certificates from each stage signed by them, and signed certificates of process signed by observers who represent each major opposing party.

8. Certifications signed by representatives of opposing parties stored in blockchain or other immutable, protected data storage device along with paper copies are fundamental to protecting the integrity of the election.

Democracy rides on the back of majority vote. The only way to determine the will of the majority is to conduct fair, open elections certified by representatives of opposing parties. Democracy is first and foremost letting the will of the majority be expressed. One definition of the majority that has stood the test of time is “all men are created equal”, which has been interpreted by the US Supreme Court to include women and people of color. The phrase "all men are created equal" is part of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1776 during the beginning of the American Revolution. Since that revolution, we in the US have evolved a representative system with the number of representatives at every level of government roughly based on population.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal,” embraces the concept that the King of England, the rich guy, could not tax the colonists without representation. In the US today, with the striation of the very wealthy, symbolized by the fact that most rich guys pay very low tases, has become a problem for the rest of the population.

In summary, protecting democracy is simple: Use 3-to-7-page step-by-step procedure manuals at every poll site. Have step-by-step procedure manuals with text accompanied by a picture for each step. Have poll workers and election officials from opposing parties work side by side to perform the duties of running the election. Ensure that every stage of the election a written certification is signed by election officials and poll workers from opposing parties. Store the certifications in a blockchain that provides immutable protection.

Respectfully Submitted,

By Susan Eustis

Ms. Eustis invented the first electronic voting machine, some of the patents are under the name Mary Huhn, her given name.

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