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Next-Generation Polymeric Hydrogen Separation Membranes

The hydrogen economy has arrived. Power for large container ships, campus fuel cells, fuel cells for transportation, and for use in distribution centers represent compelling uses of hydrogen. Leading hydrogen fuel cell companies include Bloom Energy, FuelCell Energy, Plug Power, Cummins, and Ballard Power Systems.

New companies are emerging that manufacture hydrogen and nanoparticles from plastic trash in a single step. DiviGas polymeric membranes that purify hydrogen represent a key component in the hydrogen manufacturing process.

Initiatives to create campus fuel cell installations are ongoing as illustrated below by the University of Connecticut installation pictured below.

Next-generation polymeric hydrogen separation membranes are finding uses in many areas of industry. The first DiviGas deployments seek to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Divigas' Divi-H, membrane can purify hydrogen up to 99.95% purity from any feedstock composition. Best in class recovery rate means these membranes could become a critical piece of infrastructure for all cleantech initiatives.

DiviGas has a $3.6 million seed round to support the commercialization of a new next-generation polymeric hydrogen separation membrane, which is a filter at a molecular level that purifies hydrogen and helps capture the associated CO2. The funding is led by the venture arm of MANN+HUMMEL (a global market leader in filtration and separations), Energy Revolution Ventures from the UK, Volta.VC from the US, and New York climate investor Albert Wenger

WinterGreen Research is preparing a new study on next-generation polymeric hydrogen separation membrane market shares and market forecasts.

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