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Long Term Covid and Exercise

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Long-term covid may share the root causes of chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue is caused in large part by vascular degeneration that produces intermittent transmission of well-oxygenated blood, and intermittent transmission of oxygen-deprived blood.

Long-Term Covid NIH $1.15 Billion: Look at Intermittent Vascular Constriction During Intense Exercise

Intermittent Vascular Malfunction Between The Heart And Lungs As The Cause Of Long Term Covid And Chronic Fatigue

The vascular structure between the heart and lungs shifts during intense exercise in people who have had a severe virus or even a regular virus. The virus harms the vascular structure between the heart and lungs. Testing of supine patients, or noninvasive stress tests, does not register any sign of damage to this area. Invasive testing does.

NIH in the US has funded researchers to study long-term Covid causes and treatments. The Researching COVID to Enhance Recovery (RECOVER) initiative, is funded for $1.15 billion over four years. Treatment regimens for a range of long-lasting symptoms, including extreme fatigue, brain fog and shortness of breath are sought.

NIH has focused on exercise, but more data is needed. A fundamental benefit of exercise is that it generates oxygen for the organs and muscles. Football players use supplemental oxygen to recover more quickly from a strenuous sprint during a game. So also, athletes use supplemental oxygen to gain athletic advantage.

The combination of oxygen and exercise may provide key benefits to patients suffering from long term covid. Be the first to benefit from new research spending by engaging WinterGreen Research as a lead consultant to marketing to explore market opportunities for your company, and to provide industry specific competitive analysis. Chronic fatigue is caused by damage to vascular connections between the heart and lungs · Until the existence of an invasive tests that document the vessel damage and the drop in blood oxygenation between the heart and lungs during strenuous exercise, victims of chronic fatigue have been laughed at, told they were making up stories. · Now they are receiving insurance reimbursement Chronic Fatigue Reimbursement by Insurance.

The intermittent aspect of organ oxygen deprivation can only be registered on an invasive measure of blood oxygen. Investigation needs to be ongoing as to the origins and causes of chronic fatigue, looking for correlations with symptomatic long term covid.

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