Broadband Wireless Systems (WiMAX)Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2007 to 2013

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Broadband Wireless Systems (WiMAX) Market Assessment

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Broadband Wireless Systems (WiMAX)
Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2007 to 2013

EarthLink and San Francisco have finalized a Wi-Fi contract. The contract enables EarthLink to build a citywide wireless network and Google to provide free Internet access. The emergency services of the city will leverage the communications technology.

This agreement gives San Francisco a leadership position in wireless technology. The network ensures universal, affordable wireless broadband access for all people in San Francisco. Children and students have the digital tools to ensure for access to the Internet.

In 2007 WiMAX is implemented in commercial deployments to interconnect entire communities and bring the Internet to every household. Infrastructure: requires backhaul to feed wireless network, base stations. The spectrum uses both licensed and unlicensed band.

WiMAX is a strong contender for high mobility enterprise applications. As the cost of WiMAX approaches that of WiFi, WiMAX becomes the next generation of wireless broadband technology. WiMAX targets multiple site mass metropolitan applications.

WiMAX is a lot like WiFi, but unlike WiFi's 200 Meter range, WiMAX has a reach of one to 25 to 30 KM, offering a way to bring the Internet to entire communities without having to invest trillions of dollars to install broadband phone or cable networks. WiMAX can deliver favorable cost, reach, security, and usability.

Worldwide WiMAX switch wireless WiMAX market forecasts at $157 million dollars in 2006, are anticipated to reach $26.7 billion by 2013. Broadband wireless markets are anticipated to grow as a result of the lower cost of implementing infrastructure using the WiMAX systems. The high speed services and the variety of services for PCs, wireless PDA communication devices and the small screen of a wireless handset are compelling market drivers.

Companies Profiled
Accton Technology Corporation
Air Broadband Communications
Aperto Networks
Beceem Communications
CelPlan Technologies
Huawei Technologies
Nokia Systems
Redline Communications
Ruckus Wireless
Terabeam/Proxim Wireless
ZTE Corporation

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