Intelligent Highway: Strategic Positioning For Toll Collection, Market Forecasts

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Report   No.  A2971096534    200+ PAGES    55 TABLES AND FIGURES   1996   

    Intelligent toll collection systems are reshaping highway management. Market growth of 35% per year will create an $8 billion market by 2000. Opportunities to benefit from growth relate to application of an existing digital product, software, or service to new market segments. New systems implement high-speed electronic tolling in a multi-lane environment. Systems are generally open-architecture, standards-based designs. The umbrella of toll collection management has need for equipment that provides detection, verification, response, clearance, scene management, and traffic management. A range of information services from branch office to systems integration, to equipment service are needed by agencies collecting tolls. Multi-company strategic alliances dominate the market, giving suppliers an opportunity to gain entry into this specialized market. Service agreements are being negotiated to ensure routine cooperation, coordination and communication among all agencies that may be involved in implementing a toll collection system and spending the money that is collected from tolls.

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