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Report No. MSP 9901  250+ Pages 71 Tables and Figures       1999  


    The medical telemetry market in hospitals and rehabs is exploding due to the introduction of new telemetry technology. Designs which transmit additional vital signs, new spread spectrum transmission modalities, improved UHF designs, and new combination VHF/UHF designs mean that there is more frequency spectrum available, and better use of the existing spectrum. Integration of infrared and RF technologies to locate patients, staff, and resuscitation equipment ease the concern of finding the patient who needs resuscitation. Custom application software for rehab of cardiac patients, and for home care use are opening up this segment even more.

    Both the patient worn and the wireless local area network (WLAN) components of this market are discussed in the report. Explanation of the movement of telemetry systems into alternate care markets is discussed, and even some "Buck Rogers" future applications such as airline patient monitoring applications are explored.

    Key new vendors and technologies are presented. This report provides a comprehensive overview of the equipment available, and includes numerous product comparison charts. It tracks new and existing vendors participating in this segment, marketing alliances which are developing, and what's needed to succeed.

    Competing central station platform technologies are discussed, as to their reliability for medical applications and their impact on overall system cost effectiveness.

    External government regulatory issues, managed care, and provider group purchasing organizations are all fundamentally changing the marketing methodologies in this segment. The impact on UHF spectrum of high definition (HDTV) television is discussed.

    This report should be helpful for anyone tracking this dynamically changing and growing segment of the patient monitoring industry. It provides an excellent overview of products available, technologies emerging, and vendors participating in this segment. Essential information for investors, providers and equipment suppliers alike.



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