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Report No. MSP 9805  135+ Pages 48 Tables and Figures       1996



    The US market for anesthesia workstation and perioperative monitors is undergoing radical change. After the accelerated replacement and upgrades to anesthesia workstations which occurred for safety reasons, sale of anesthesia workstation has slowed and the replacement cycle has lengthened. This replacement spawned a used equipment market, with many of the older machines moving into alternate site and non-US markets.

    Managed care is moving more and more procedures to outpatient and alternate site settings. Hospitals on average are losing over $200 per outpatient procedure in the current reimbursement climate. This is bringing about outpatient surgery in free standing surgical centers and doctors offices, the latter of which are not always using modern equipment or properly equipped at all compared to the hospital setting.

    With HCFA continuing to move surgical procedures to out-patient settings, and now establishing a prospective payment system for non-hospital providers, major changes are in sight for this predominantly unregulated market.

    Managed care has also brought about alliances between monitoring companies like Hewlett-Packard and anesthesia workstation companies like Ohmeda. While these have been quite successful, BOC - the parent company of Ohmeda has announced the division is for sale. In the meantime Instrumentarium has purchased Engstrom and merged it into its Datex division, forming Datex-Engstrom, and creating a third viable competitor in the market.

    This report is rather narrowly focused and details the workstation market, detailing both existing suppliers, Ohmeda and Drager (formerly North American Drager), as well as newcomer Datex/Engstrom. The trend to greater integration of patient vital signs monitors, gas monitors, and anesthesia workstations is discussed, along with its impact on niche suppliers on one or two of these technologies who lack a viable gas machine.

    The report also tracks the in-patient and alternate site settings where these systems are used, and provides 5 year unit and revenue forecasts for this important market segment.

Those interested in a more in depth and broader analysis of perioperative and alternate site surgery markets are referred to either MSP 9704 - New and Emerging Monitoring Markets, or MSP 9703 - US Patient Monitoring Markets, both of which include patient monitors and other components not elaborated upon in this report. The report will be useful to market analysts, equipment suppliers, and healthcare providers seeking to understand this dynamically changing market segment.




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