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WinterGreen Research

Studies by Date

September 2016

Optical Transceivers,Brochure,Press Release
Augmented Reality,Brochure,Press Release
CBRNE Detection,Brochure,Press Release

August 2016

Youth League Sports Software (8/3/2016),Brochure,Press Release

July 2016

Law Enforcement Robots,Brochure,Press Release
Impact: Scooters Medical Equipment (7/18/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Mid IR Sensors (7/10/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Highways in the Sky (7/11/2016),Brochure,Press Release

June 2016

Drone Transponders (6/20/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Consumer Oxygen Equipment (6/19/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Patient Monitoring (6/13/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Impact: Supplemental Oxygen (6/8/2016),Brochure,Press Release

May 2016

Power Wheelchairs (5/23/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Orthopedic Surgical Robots (5/19/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Impact: Wheelchair Medical Equipment (5/9/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Rehabilitation Robots (5/6/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Wearable Exoskeletons (5/5/2016),Brochure,Press Release

April 2016

Drone Robots (4/25/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Exercise Oxygen Equipment (4/18/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Consumer Camera Drones (4/11/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Military Drones (4/7/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Agriculture Drones (4/4/2016),Brochure,Press Release

March 2016

Telepresence Robots (3/29/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Drones (3/21/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Refinery Catalysts (3/17/2016),Brochure,Press Release

February 2016

Social Media Messaging (2/29/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Impact: Homecare Medical Equipment (2/11/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Impact: Residential Security Monitoring (2/11/2016),Brochure,Press Release
Spine Surgical Robots (2/2/2016),Brochure,Press Release

About The Company

Susan Eustis
(President and CEO, Co-Founder of WinterGreen Research)
Ms. Eustis conducts research for software, communication, internet, healthcare, and energy studies. Most notably, she is the author of the popular studies on Application Integration Markets, Top Ten Telecommunication Companies, Worldwide Telecommunication Equipment, Internet Equipment, Web Services, WebHosting, Digital Loop Carrier, Regional Bell Operating Companies' Marketing Strategies, and Biometrics. She has held original patents in electronic voting machines for 30 years.....